Tomato Sauce with Chicken Meatballs

So here’s the thing. I made a tomato sauce last night based more or less on a couple of traditional style Italian recipes I looked at. I also made some ground chicken meatballs to add into the sauce and it all turned out pretty good served over spaghetti noodles. What I didn’t do was actually make notes of the recipe I created so what follows is from memory and guess-timation on the amounts of ingredients. Continue reading “Tomato Sauce with Chicken Meatballs”

Chili, Lime & Beer Marinated Chicken Wraps

Beer, chili, lime are perfect companions when it comes to creating a Mexican style dish. This is easy, fast and makes for a really tasty chicken meal. You could just as easily substitute a cheap cut of steak for chicken and that works great too.

The alcohol content in beer breaks down the connective tissue in budget cuts of beef and tenderizes it as well as adding flavour. Experiment a bit but this is my basic recipe. Continue reading “Chili, Lime & Beer Marinated Chicken Wraps”