I Was a Sailor Once

I was a sailor once- Author unknown

I liked standing on the bridge wing at sunrise with salt spray in my face and clean ocean winds  whipping in from the four  quarters of the globe.  I liked the sounds of the Navy – the piercing trill of the boatswains pipe, the syncopated clangor of the ship’s bell on the quarterdeck, harsh, and the strong language and laughter of sailors at work. Continue reading “I Was a Sailor Once”

West Coast Musings

These poems were written within a few days of settling into my new home and new life on Vancouver Island. They were connected to one another in my head and heart, hence strung together here one after the other.



Life is a puzzle you put together in the dark
No picture to guide you even if you had a spark
Someone lost the box or maybe it’s in the closet
The one with the key and no locks. Continue reading “West Coast Musings”