Chili, Lime & Beer Marinated Chicken Wraps

Beer, chili, lime are perfect companions when it comes to creating a Mexican style dish. This is easy, fast and makes for a really tasty chicken meal. You could just as easily substitute a cheap cut of steak for chicken and that works great too.

The alcohol content in beer breaks down the connective tissue in budget cuts of beef and tenderizes it as well as adding flavour. Experiment a bit but this is my basic recipe. Continue reading “Chili, Lime & Beer Marinated Chicken Wraps”


I was listening to an internet radio station yesterday, tuned in to a modern/alternative rock channel when a song caught my attention. The song itself didn’t impress me all that much but the title got me thinking, yes it was “1985”. So, I went to Youtube and searched for that song and found an entirely different tune by a different band with (more or less) the same song title.

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