Snowmobile Adventure

Snow machines & rye

Finally, enough snow and they had the same days off. Not too cold, although he really had a hard time calling even the coldest of days in Nova Scotia all that cold. Comes from growing up in Saskatchewan he thought. It can get miserable here with the cold wet winds but cold? Not really. Besides, he was dressed for it and rarin’ to go. A brand new pair of cold weather boots that were giving him fits, he gave up trying to get his feet into them at home. He was running late anyway. Continue reading “Snowmobile Adventure”

West Coast Musings

These poems were written within a few days of settling into my new home and new life on Vancouver Island. They were connected to one another in my head and heart, hence strung together here one after the other.



Life is a puzzle you put together in the dark
No picture to guide you even if you had a spark
Someone lost the box or maybe it’s in the closet
The one with the key and no locks. Continue reading “West Coast Musings”