Flame On

It’s my brother Al’s birthday today and if he were still with us, he would be making that annual phone call reminding me that on this date we are the same age and my status as “big brother” was null and void…for three weeks until my birthday rolls around. Irish twins some call it, being born less than 11 months apart. Here’s a true story of a day in our life.

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Memories of 1985

I was listening to an internet radio station yesterday, tuned in to a modern/alternative rock channel when a song caught my attention. The song itself didn’t impress me all that much but the title got me thinking, yes it was “1985”. So, I went to Youtube and searched for that song and found an entirely different tune by a different band with (more or less) the same song title.  Continue reading “Memories of 1985”

Jumbo Shrimp Awesomeness

This is my design.

Shrimp Zucchini Mushroom Pasta
Shrimp Zucchini Mushroom Pasta

I was trolling the interweb looking for a variation on a theme as I’ve already posted a recipe in the same ballpark as this. However, I came across one but I didn’t have everything it listed as ingredients and I like to reduce sodium as much as possible. Sooo, after fiddling around with it this is what I came up with. Total prep time is around 30 minutes and it makes two servings which translates to one hot fresh meal and one really awesome leftover for the fridge!

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